How to Transfer Ownership When Selling a Car in Dubai

Selling a car in Dubai can be quite an interesting exercise although it is one that requires due diligence especially taking into consideration the following factors; The automobile market in this region of the world is quite red hot. One activity that has to be done as you go through the sequence in this figure is the aspect of ownership. Remembering that the transfer must be smooth and legal serves your interests, and it is also beneficial in making sure that the transition is perfect for the buyer. 

To effectively post ‘’sell my car’’ in Dubai today, one must pay attention to transferring car ownership to the buyer, this is a critical area that affects the automobile business in this region, as we shall shortly explain. Moreover, we shall explain why Buyers and Sellers of cars in the Dubai market should prefer CarSwitch for their purchases.

Competitive Automobile Market in Dubai – A Snapshot

The automobile market in Dubai is one of the most competitive and it has a strong presence in the region. Due to the large number of cars sold in the market, it becomes easier to sell car in Dubai since there is high turnover of vehicles; this market is buoyant due to the high percentage of expatriate workers and local car fanatics. However, let us focus on Dubai as a key interest for people who desire to own a car as the options are endless from cheap cars to the most expensive ones. 

While this can be considered an advantage for owners seeking to dispose of their cars, perhaps through sale, changing the ownership of vehicles requires a very keen process since any hitch can lead to legal or logistical complications.

Preparing for Ownership Transfer

Before you embark on the journey to transfer ownership, there are several preparatory steps to ensure a hassle-free process:

  • Gather Necessary Documents: To begin with, let’s gather all necessary paperwork together. These include the Emirates ID of any occupant, the Mulkiya which is the car registration card, insurance documents and finally the vehicle inspection report among others.
  • Settle Any Outstanding Fines: As for traffic fines or Salik charges, there is a general requirement for them to be settled before one can change ownership. Make sure to ensure that the car does not attract any debts incurred.
  • Obtain a Vehicle Inspection Report: In this process, a thorough check must be conducted about the vehicle and its functionality. This I certify to be true and that to the best of my knowledge the car is in good condition and is road worthy, this is an important topic when dealing with change of ownership.

The Ownership Transfer Process

Having collected all the necessary papers and passing the inspection of the car, you can finally go to the main steps: the transfer of ownership. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Visit the RTA Service Centre: To apply for the Learner’s License, both the seller and the buyer must visit an RTA service centre or any typing centre who has got the license to do so. The RTA of Dubai is responsible for the coordination of vehicle registration and ownership transfer in the emirate.

  • Submit Documents: All hearing aid fees at the RTA centre are paid in cash, and all these documents have to be submitted. Examples of documents include the Emirates ID card equivalent to the national ID, Mulkiya, proof of insurance, and vehicle inspection report. Other conditions that the buyer has to meet include presenting a valid Emirates ID and insurance documents of the car.

  • Pay Fees: There are quite a number of operational fees that are charged in relation to the transfer, and some of them include the transfer fee and the administrative fee among others. They may differ now and then; therefore it is recommended to visit the RTA website to get more information about the current charges or you can directly approach the service centre.

  • Transfer the Registration: After the validity of the documents and the payment of the necessary fees have been confirmed, the RTA grants the buyer a new registration card, also called a Mulkiya. This makes it official to transfer the ownership of the property from the Company to the shareholder.

  • Hand Over the Keys: In summary, after receiving a new Mulkiya, revert the physical possession of the vehicle back to the new owner together with any other related documents or items like the service book and spare keys.

Further Measures for the Efficient Transfer of Ownership

While the process outlined above covers the essential steps, here are a few additional tips to ensure a smooth ownership transfer:

  • Double-Check Documents: Make certain that collected papers are complete, unsigned, and contain updated information before proceeding to RTA. Delayed vital documents could be due to its absence or invalidated due to expiry of the required documents.
  • Choose the Right Time: Some RTA centers could be very busy, therefore selecting such time may lead to more time consumption. It is less crowded during the early mornings or on weekdays.
  • Communicate Clearly: Make sure that the both of you understand and agree with the flow and the terms. There will always be misunderstandings and therefore it leads to inefficient time delay.


Ownership transfer is an important process when selling your car in Dubai because it makes the transaction legal and smooth. If one takes his/her time and does the research, by the time one has to switch a car, one can easily do it without a lot of fuss because at the end of the day, it is simply a process that needs to be gone through. Besides, it is not just the process of selling a car that is made easier, but also the quality of the service provided to the sellers and buyers of the cars making CarSwitch the most appropriate place to sell a car in Dubai. It is therefore important to note that with sufficient effort and assistance, one can be able to complete the ownership transfer and embark on the next automotive journey.

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