Mastering the Art of Volume Lashes for Your Clients

Mastering the Art of Volume Lashes for Your Clients


Are you ready to improve your lashing methods? Volume lashes can dramatically enhance the appearance of your clients, making their eyes pop with fuller, more luxurious lashes. Whether you’re an experienced lash artist or just starting, mastering the art of volume lashes will set you apart in the beauty industry. Let’s dive into the world of volume lashes and explore everything you need to know to perfect this sought-after technique.

Understanding Volume Lashes

What Are Volume Lashes?

Volume lashes involve applying multiple, ultra-fine lash extensions to a single natural lash. This technique creates a fuller, more voluminous look compared to classic lashes, which involve a one-to-one application.

Benefits of Volume Lashes

Volume lashes offer numerous benefits. They provide a more dramatic and glamorous appearance, can be customised to suit individual client preferences, and are perfect for clients with sparse natural lashes who desire a fuller look.

Difference Between Classic and Volume Lashes

The main difference lies in the application. Classic lashes involve applying one extension per natural lash, while volume lashes involve applying multiple extensions to each natural lash. classic eyelashes, This allows for greater customisation and a more voluminous look.

Preparing for the Volume Lashes Application

Essential Tools and Materials

To apply volume lashes, you’ll need:

  • High-quality lash extensions
  • Volume tweezers
  • Lash adhesive
  • Lash primer
  • Eyelash brushes
  • Eye pads and tape

Pre-Application Preparation

Ensure your workspace is clean and well-lit. Sterilise all tools and prepare the lashes by arranging them for easy access during application. Discuss with your client their desired look and any allergies or sensitivities.

Client Consultation and Assessment

Before starting, assess your client’s natural lashes and eye shape. This will help determine the best lash style and technique to use. Discuss their lifestyle and any specific needs they may have.

Techniques for Applying Volume Lashes

The Fanning Technique

The fanning technique involves creating a fan of multiple lashes before applying them to a single natural lash. This technique provides a fuller, more even look.

The Wrapping Technique

The wrapping technique involves wrapping the lash extension around the natural lash. Better adhesion and more durable results are assured as a result.

Hybrid Techniques

Combining different techniques can provide unique looks and solve specific client needs. For example, mixing classic and volume lashes can create a more natural yet voluminous look.

Selecting the Right Lashes for Your Clients

Lash Types and Styles

Lashes come in various materials, such as mink, silk, and synthetic. Each type has its unique look and feel, so choose based on your client’s preferences and budget.

Choosing the Right Curl and Length

Volume lashes come in different curls (e.g., J, B, C, and D) and lengths. Select a curl and length that complement your client’s natural lashes and desired look.

Customising Volume Lashes for Different Eye Shapes

Different eye shapes require different lash styles. For example, cat-eye styles suit almond-shaped eyes, while round eyes benefit from a more evenly distributed lash.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Volume Lashes

Preparing the Natural Lashes

Clean the natural lashes with a lash primer to remove oils and residues. This ensures better adhesion and longevity of the extensions.

Creating Volume Fans

Use volume tweezers to pick up multiple lash extensions and create a fan. The number of lashes in each fan can vary based on the desired volume.

Attaching Volume Fans to Natural Lashes

Dip the base of the volume fan into the adhesive and attach it to the natural lash, ensuring it’s close to the lash line without touching the skin.

Ensuring Lash Symmetry and Balance

Regularly check the symmetry and balance of the lashes. Adjust as needed to ensure a uniform and natural look.

Aftercare for Volume Lashes

Immediate Post-Application Care

Advise your clients to avoid water, steam, and makeup for the first 24-48 hours after application. This helps the adhesive’s accurate setting.

Long-term Maintenance Tips

Encourage clients to avoid oil-based products around the eyes and to brush their lashes regularly to maintain their shape and cleanliness.

Products to Recommend to Clients

Recommend lash-safe cleansers and brushes to help clients maintain their lashes. Suggest follow-up appointments every 2-3 weeks for fills.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Lash Retention Problems

Poor retention can be due to various factors, such as incorrect adhesive usage or client aftercare habits. Address these issues through proper technique and client education.

Addressing Allergic Reactions

If a client experiences an allergic reaction, remove the lashes immediately and advise them to seek medical attention if needed. Consider using hypoallergenic products in the future.

Correcting Application Mistakes

If the lashes are uneven or not adhering properly, gently remove and reapply the extensions. Ensure you are using the correct amount of adhesive and that the lashes are properly placed.

Advanced Volume Lash Techniques

Russian Volume Lashes

Russian volume involves applying 2-6 ultra-fine extensions to a single natural lash, creating a dense and fluffy look.

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume uses even thinner extensions and can involve applying up to 16 lashes per natural lash. This creates an extremely dramatic and voluminous effect.

Mixing Different Lash Techniques

Combining techniques, such as classic and volume, can create unique looks tailored to your client’s preferences.

Building a Successful Lash Business

Marketing Your Lash Services

Utilise social media platforms to showcase your work. Provide incentives and promotions to draw in new customers.

Pricing Strategies

Set competitive yet profitable prices. Consider offering different packages based on the complexity of the lash application.

Client Retention Tips

Build strong relationships with your clients by providing excellent service and follow-up care. Encourage feedback and continuously improve your skills.


Mastering the art of volume lashes can elevate your lash business and provide your clients with stunning results. By understanding the techniques, selecting the right products, and providing excellent aftercare, you can ensure your clients leave with lashes they love. So, go ahead and perfect your skills to become a sought-after lash artist!

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